Alice in Borderland: Season 3 planned When and on what date

Alice in Borderland has been a big hit for Netflix since its release in December 2020. The 2 seasons have been highly watched and the series has been very well received by viewers all over the world and quickly gained great popularity. The question everyone is asking now is: Alice in Borderland, a season 3? … In this article we will try to answer this question and tell you what we know at the moment…

Alice in Borderland: A huge success for Netflix!

Alice in Borderland has been praised for its gripping plot, innovative visual style, and compelling acting performances. Many fans also enjoyed how the series explored deep themes such as survival, betrayal, and friendship within a sci-fi setting. But it is also in the specialized press that this work finds its salvation. Ratings were also impressive for Alice in Borderland.

The series has featured in Netflix’s top 10 TV shows in many countries and has attracted many new subscribers for the streaming platform. Overall, Alice in Borderland was a big hit for the streaming platform, and it’s possible that contributed to the decision to produce a second season of the series. But now, what about a possible season 3?

Onion scenario for paranormal and survival fans

Before telling you everything we know about season 3 of Alice in Borderland , a little retrospective for those who missed this must-see series! Alice in Borderland is a Japanese science fiction and suspense television series that airs on the Netflix video platform. The series is based on the manga of the same name by Haro Aso. The story follows a young man named Ryohei Arisu (played by Kento Yamazaki) who suddenly finds himself transported to an alternate version of Tokyo with his two friends Karube (Keita Machida) and Segawa (Yuki Morinaga).

In this alternate version of the city, they are forced to play deadly games to survive. Players are put through dangerous and often deadly trials, with complex rules that vary from game to game. Losing players are eliminated, while winning players can continue to play for survival. As the series progresses, Arisu and his friends meet other players, including a young woman named Usagi (Tao Tsuchiya), who helps them navigate the games and find ways to escape this. alternate reality.

As the episodes progress, the characters face tough choices and betrayals that force them to question their loyalties and morality . The plot also explores themes such as survival, friendship, and the value of human life. Ultimately, the story centers on Arisu and his friends as they seek to discover the true nature of this alternate world and find a way to return to their own reality.

An end of season 2 which suggests a season 3?

Attention, spoiler alert for those who have not yet seen the end of the second season of Alice in Borderland! If a third season of Alice in Borderland were to be produced, it may explore the aftermath of the second season’s ending. Indeed, at the end of season 2, we discover that this alternate world seems to be a passage between life and death. Following the fall of a meteorite , Arisu and his friends were plunged into this strange world while they were in a situation of clinical death in real life. Only, unlike the manga in which the Joker symbolizes God and discusses with Arisu in the last volume, in the series it’s different…

It appears at the very end of the last episode of season 2 on a disturbing background sound. What if the artistic dictators and the scanners of the Alice in Borderland series had decided not to follow the manga (which definitively stops after these events) and had chosen another path?… Could the Joker be a last “Boss to drop? Alice in Borderland and a season 3 could expand on this revelation and explore the motivations and goals of the creators of the City. We could also see how the main characters deal with this new reality. It could also provide answers to some inconsistencies in the series (who are the men we see in the offices, like playing trader at the bottom of the metro, for example?)…

Also, the third season might introduce new characters and new challenges for the protagonists. For example, players could face harder or more complex trials, or the creators could use new technologies to complicate the game even more. Of course, these are only speculations and it is difficult to predict exactly what that the sequel to Alice in Borderland could reserve for viewers. But if a third season is produced, it’s highly likely that the writers will continue to explore the themes of survival, betrayal, and friendship that have made the show such a hit so far.

Alice in Borderland: A season 3 or not?

Do not trust what you can read on some forums and websites. At the moment, there is no official announcement regarding a possible third season of Alice in Borderland series on Netflix. It is therefore difficult to predict if a season 3 will be produced and when it could be broadcast. No info either on a possible filming in progress or in anticipation. However, the popularity of the series and the ending of the second season suggests that there is a good chance that a sequel will be considered by the series creators. For the moment, it is therefore important to remain attentive to the announcements of Netflix or the producers to obtain more information on a possible continuation of the series. But let’s keep in mind that the manga on which the Alice in Borderland series is based did not have a sequel after Arisu’s return to reality.

Alice in Borderland season 3: What could she have in store for us?

Unfortunately even if at the moment there has not yet been an official announcement concerning a third season of Alice in Borderland let’s imagine what the scenario could reserve for us in this unexpected sequel

  • Season 2 ends with the revelation that the city is actually some kind of purgatory between life and death. Season 3 could delve deeper into the motivations of the town’s creators and show how the survivors react to this new information. The Joker could be the ultimate boss… What if our companions weren’t actually in real life?
  • New characters and new challenges: The series could introduce new characters and even more difficult challenges for players. Fooling them on what’s real and what’s not seems like a good idea
  • Endgame: Season 3 could focus on the endgame and finding a way for players to get out of this world that is not theirs. Players might have to join forces and work together to overcome the trials and defeat the latest creator of the game.
  • Exploring the Consequences of Season 2: Season 3 could also explore the consequences of the reveal of the Season 2 ending. Players may be faced with difficult choices and having to deal with the consequences of their actions.
  • The end of the friendship between the characters: season 2 showed that the main characters are not always of the same opinion, and that there are tensions between them. Season 3 could explore these tensions in more depth and show how it affects their friendship. Even if they no longer seem to know each other when they wake up in the hospital at the end of season 2…

However, this is all speculation and it’s impossible to know exactly what the Alice in Borderland sequel might hold if it ever comes out. We will have to wait for an official announcement from Netflix to find out more.

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