Relaxation exercises in front of the screen

Relaxation exercises in front of the screen

We spend a lot of time in front of our screens.

In the office, at home, on the street. They are everywhere. Do you spend your days in front of screens under stress, under pressure or even for distraction? When you finish, do you not sometimes feel slight discomfort? Here are some relaxation exercises for you to do in front of your screen.

Try to lift your eyes from the screen as often as possible

Whether you are in the office, at home or elsewhere, make sure you give yourself a few moments of respite when using your screens. So, when during break time at the office you systematically put yourself on your phone or tablet, learn now how to start a conversation with your colleague next door, for example. At home, also start replacing meals in front of the television with good, convivial meals around a table.

When handling your device, take good posture

Your back and your gaze should be straight. Indeed, when your gaze is straight, it reduces tension in the neck. Also avoid crossing your legs. Position your screen so that it does not reflect light.

When you’re on your phone or tablet, raise the screen so you don’t have to keep your head down all the time. Failure to do so will strain your muscles. Move the screens away from your eyes as much as possible, as this blog specializing in screen glasses advises.

Start subjective light therapy

Subjective light therapy is like putting on glasses with yellow lenses, which give our brain the impression that we are in a sunny place. This illusion prevents the secretion of the sleep hormone during the day. Indeed, when this hormone is produced during the day, it can cause many ailments including depression.

Do some exercises

Give yourself very regular breaks when using screens. It is advisable to take every 20 minutes of use of a screen, a break of 20s. Slowly make a half-circle motion with your neck. Boost blood circulation by flicking around your closed eyelids and get back to work.

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