Survive the world after the extinction of humanity!

Survive the world after the extinction of humanity

“Hope shines in the darkness, the battle for survival begins now!”

This work is set in a devastated world after the extinction of humanity, and the fight for survival unfolds.
Players customize their characters and devise survival strategies as they navigate the darkness.
However, there are many dangers and obstacles that stand in the way of survival.

“Realistic survival simulation is addictive!”

This work is attracting attention as a realistic survival simulation game.
Players must improve their own abilities while procuring the supplies they need to survive, such as food, water, and medical supplies.
You can also increase your survival rate by building bases and collaborating with other survivors.

“The story is appealing!”

One of the appeals of this work is its deep story.
Players will meet various characters and overcome challenges to survive. The story draws the player into the story, so it is rated as having a high story quality even among survival games.

“Survive a dangerous world with a complete combat system!”

The battle system of this game is very complete, and players will fight against enemy forces by making full use of various weapons and items.
In order to win in battle, it is important not only to rely on your own abilities, but also on strategy and cooperation with your allies. You can also obtain necessary supplies by defeating enemy forces.

“Let’s build a base by collaborating with other survivors!”

In this game, you can build a base in cooperation with other players.
By cooperating with other players, you can not only increase your survival rate, but also improve the quality of your base.
Cooperation with other players is an essential element for survival.

“Play with your friends in online multiplayer mode!”

The game supports online multiplayer mode, where you can cooperate with other players to survive.
You can also play with friends or acquaintances, so it’s also recommended for people who don’t like playing alone.
Also, playing in online multiplayer mode provides a more exciting experience.


Doomsday: Last Survivor” is a realistic survival simulation game set in a world after the extinction of humanity, and its deep story and rich combat system are attractive.
There’s also an online multiplayer mode where you can collaborate with other survivors to build your base.
It can be downloaded for free, but there are also item charges.
Recommended for people who like survival games and games with a strong story.
Why not give it a try?

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