How to clean your room perfectly?

How to clean your room perfectly?

Cleaning your room can seem like a difficult task. However, the good news is that it can be done faster and easier than you might imagine! In fact, to clean your room, there are little tricks that you can adopt that will make these moments very fun for you. For example, you can listen to music, write a to-do list, turn everything into a game to keep your motivation high .

Indeed, to clean your room properly, the best way to do it is to start with the most demanding activities. This way, before you realize you’re tired, your room would already be bright. Here we will give you some simpler tips that you can adopt in order to clean your room easily next time!

1. Keep motivation high

Cleaning your room becomes very easy when you do it while listening to upbeat music to keep your spirits up. So before you start, pick an album or playlist that energizes you. Rhythmic music will help keep you motivated to finish cleaning . Avoid slower, more soulful melodies, as they can tire you out and bore you . If you don’t know what to listen to, search the internet for a rhythm playlist. For example, Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora offer plenty of playlists, for those looking for motivation to clean their house.

2. Think of a reward as an incentive to get the job done

This extra motivation can help you finish cleaning faster. Decide what you deserve; for example, you can go out with friends, watch a movie with your family, eat a whole packet of ice cream or read your favorite book. Please make sure you don’t rush the cleanup just to get the reward first!

3. Cleaning her room is all about motivation, so if you’re not feeling motivated enough, make cleaning a game!

If you can’t find the urge to clean your room, make it more interesting with a game. Try to put away as many items as you can in 10 minutes, then try to beat your high score. Alternatively, you can pretend to be a robot and move like an automaton. Another option to clean his room easily is to start a timer and see how long it takes you to clean it. So get creative and invent games yourself! For example, start dusting higher surfaces, to save time and not having to clean the same places twice.

4. Create a list of all the different tasks to do, so you have everything under control

If you need to clean up your very messy room; then the to-do list is great for feeling satisfaction based on the progress you’re making . Decide what to clean, then prioritize the tasks. Try to be as detailed as possible so you don’t forget anything. Then, check each task when completed, so you know for sure what else you need to do.

5. Plan activities throughout the week to make the task more manageable

To clean your room well when there is a lot to do, this is the best solution. Check off all completed tasks so you can track your progress. Try to be as disciplined as possible and stick to the schedule. For example: Monday put away your clothes, Tuesday take out the trash and put away items that are out of drawers, Wednesday sweep and vacuum .

6. Here are the strategies you can adopt to accomplish the most difficult tasks

Get everything out of bed and arrange it

The well-made bed gives a much neater look to the room and gives you a sense of gratification, which allows you to start cleaning on the right foot. Move everything onto the bed in a pile to one side of the room. Pull the sheets and blankets, put them away, take out the folds and place the pillows at the head of the bed. If you haven’t changed your sheets recently; put them in the laundry basket and make the bed with clean linen. This way, the bed will smell fresh and give you a good feeling when you lie down.

· Store all clothes on the floor

Check all your clothes and determine if they are dirty or not . When in doubt, consider them dirty! If you find a clean item, fold it up and put it in the dresser or hang it in the closet. If it’s dirty, put it in the laundry basket. It is always better to wash a garment twice than to wear something dirty. Consider all clothes on the floor dirty unless you are absolutely sure they are clean.

To achieve this, do not start the washing machine until you have finished sorting the room; because you can’t know when you’ll find another dirty sock to wash! The storage of clothes allows you to favorably clean your room, and this in a short time.

Bring all dirty dishes to the kitchen

By doing so, you will avoid bad odors caused by dirt and avoid attracting ants or other insects to your room. Bring the cups, plates, cutlery and glasses you have accumulated in the kitchen. Also throw out any litter that is still in your room. Check under the bed, on the desk, your wardrobes and nightstands. However you notice this filth; you can clean the room, thanks to natural products or other cleaning products such as: bleach, Marseille soap etc…

· Dispose of all trash in a bag

It’s a great way to free up the room and make it more orderly, especially if you want to clean your room perfectly. Gather all the items piled up on the surfaces and floors of your room, then decide which ones to throw away . Look for litter, apple cores, bits of paper and broken objects. Donate any item in good condition that you no longer need to charity. Recycle papers and cardboard to dispose of them in a separate bag.

7. Sort the items in the room

· Put the objects back in their place

To enable you to clean your room, start with everything on the floor. This way, you can move freely around the room without tripping . Start with larger items, such as: books and pillows; then move on to smaller items, like pencils and other stationery. Find a place for all items on the dresser, desk, floor and nightstands. Try not to get distracted by the items you are putting away, as it will take you longer to finish cleaning.

Gather similar items that you don’t know where to store

It’s a simple way to tidy up or clean your room, so you can find your things more easily. Put all the pens in one box, the photos in another, the make-up in another; DIY items in another, etc. Be sure to label the boxes and place them in accessible places so they are easy to find. Then put the boxes on the shelves, under the bed, in the closet or on the desk.

Leave in view some things that mean a lot to you

It’s a great way to personalize your room. If you find a cute ornament or toy while tidying up, consider putting it on your desk, dresser, or nightstand. Avoid placing more than a few items on each surface, so the space doesn’t get too cluttered. Using space to display certain objects; it will be easier to keep the room tidy because everything else will look out of place and you will be encouraged to put it away. Plus, when surfaces are occupied by a few knick-knacks, they’re easier to clean and dust. For example, you can put the cup you won in the football tournament on your desk and your favorite photo on the dresser.

· Donate all books, clothes and toys you no longer need

It’s a great way to clean up messes in your bedroom; and to have more space for the things you really care about . Evaluate all items and determine if you have used them in the past year. You may decide to give away anything that you haven’t used in a long time and that has no sentimental value. Be sure to ask your parents for permission first.

8. Clean the surfaces of your bedroom

Dust all surfaces in your room

Use a cloth or sponges to remove all dust from your desk, dresser, bookshelf; blinds, fans, lamps and all other surfaces . Always start at the top, then work your way down, so you don’t move dust to places you’ve already cleaned. This allows you to clean your room to make it shine the way you want. Dust before vacuuming or cleaning the floor; as the dust is often simply blown off and returned to the floor. For the house you can, clean the windows if the latter has them; because it gives more clarity to your room.

However, if you don’t have a feather duster, use a microfiber cloth to remove the dust. And be sure to dust items on your desk, dresser, etc. Also, be sure to turn off the fan and lights before dusting them.

· Wipe surfaces with a cloth to remove marks, dust and sticky spots

Sugar stains can attract ants and damage furniture. Spray a surface cleaner on dirty furniture and wipe it with a cloth; or you can rinse the part with soapy water. Microfibers are ideal because they easily remove many types of stains Clean your desk, dresser, nightstands, windowsills, baseboards, woodwork and all other surfaces in the room at least once a week.

Disinfecting wipes also work well; because they help eliminate all the bacteria present on the surfaces, and also allow you to clean your room with ease.

· Vacuum or mop the floor, especially under the bed and desk

Often these parts get dirty during daily cleaning, so be sure to clean them thoroughly. If necessary, move furniture to facilitate vacuuming. Thoroughly mop the entire floor until it is shiny . If the vacuum does not suck properly, the bag may be full, check it and change it if necessary . Then vacuum at least once a week. If you bring shoes inside, do so more often.

Tips : If you have carpet in your bedroom and it’s starting to smell strange; so, spray some deodorant or baking soda before vacuuming to make your room smell nice.

· Sweep and mop the floor if possible

Pick up all the dust with the broom, then pick it up with the dustpan. Next, soak the mop in a bucket of soapy water, then run it over the floor to remove all stains and dust. Rinse the mop every few minutes to avoid spreading dirt on surfaces. Thanks to this step, the floor will become shiny and clean. Sweep and mop floors at least once a week .

Clean light switches and door handles with disinfectant spray

They are one of the places you touch most often because they accumulate a lot of bacteria over time . Spray switches and handles with disinfectant spray; then wipe them with a cloth or tissue. Disinfect handles and switches once a week to keep them clean.

Also clean all outlet covers. Since they aren’t touched very often, they don’t accumulate as much dirt as light switches; but keeping them clean and shiny will make your room cleaner.

Use glass cleaner to clean mirrors and windows

Spray a generous amount of cleaner on the mirrors and windows, then wipe them with a rag. Keep rubbing until all stains are gone. Glass surfaces will be shiny. Clean windows and mirrors whenever they get stained to make your job as quick and easy as possible.

In fact , microfiber cloths are great for cleaning glass . Don’t forget to clean the window frames as well. Use a handheld vacuum to do this. You can remove ground-in dirt with an old toothbrush and all-purpose cleaner.

Here we are at the end of our article on how to clean your room. We hope that these tips and advice will be of great help to you for the next cleanings of your room.

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