The Blue Core Puzzle Guide

The Blue Core is one of the first major stories to shoot in Humanity where the player is tasked with destroying the blue core that has guided them throughout the game. While previous levels of the game required the player to guide people to the exit goals, this one has them destroy four hearts.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to solve The Blue Core in Humanity .

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Essay 01: The solution to the Blue Core puzzle

When you take control of the level for the first time, you will receive a text about your objective. While all previous levels of Humanity have you guiding lines of people to exit goals, The Blue Core requires you to destroy four blue orbs of light using people.

Ramp section

In the starting area, you will have a line of people walking towards two angular, geometric shapes. You’ll notice that the shapes are made from the moving black material that the blocks you pushed in previous levels were made of. Turn the group to the right then to the left so that it passes in front of the shape on the right, then turn the stream so that it pushes it into the shape on the left, creating a kind of ramp.

With the two pieces touching, turn the stream to the left, then push the two pieces onto the platform so they line up with the two blocks on the other side.

Wind the stream around the area for people to climb up the ramps, then push the black box at the top of the area down onto the blue orb below. With that done, that section of the level is complete.

Conveyor belt section

Jump right to the platform with the treadmills on it. Turn the flow of people to the right then to the left so they get on the belt then push the block with the hedge floating above.

Remove the two turn controls you just placed after the block was pushed and turn the flow to the left instead of the right. When the stream reaches the end of the platform, turn them to the right and let them take the conveyor belt through the area.

Turn the group left then left again to push the next block with a floating hedge. Follow the stream through the belt then turn it left and then left again to push the black block that’s on the platform with them into the belt to make a path to the blue orb.

Delete all previously laid turn commands in the section and return to the area where people exit through the door. Rotate them right then left so they take the conveyor belt and end up on the left side of the area. Turn them to the right so they walk under the hedge and take the belts opposite the area in the corner with the last black box.

Twist the line so they push the box onto the conveyor belt, then push it to smash the second blue orb below it.

jump section

Head to the right again and into the section with several preset jump commands. Turn people to the left, then snake them around so they hit the first jump command while facing the obstacle between them and the orb.

Turn the group so they go along the edge of the obstacle then turn to the right to jump to the other side of the area.

Before jumping into the corner in front of them, turn people right so they jump to the central area of ​​the platform, then turn them left so they fall onto the platform below.

Turn the stream to the right and have them continue along the edge until they need to turn right again. Turn them into a jump control to get them onto the platform with all three jump controls lined up and spin them right into the middle one. This will make them jump up to the middle platform, then jump up to the black block and push it onto the third blue core.

People change section

Go to the last section. When you get there, first ignore the flow of people and jump to the people switch that’s on the far left (from the perspective of the people in line). Place four turn controls there, each facing the last so that they form a circle.

Go into the stream of people and spin them left then right so they go through the first switch, get caught in the fans below them and get to the platform you created a circle.

Once a good number of people are walking in a circle on the switch, remove the controls outside the front door. Now turn the people coming out of the door immediately to the right and then to the left at the end of the path so that they step on the first switch there. When they get to the end of the switch, don’t ask them to run the fans to the second switch, instead turn them around with two left turns.

Turn the line to the right and then to the right again so they go down the central path of the section. When they do, they’ll fly through the area using the fans below them and push the last black block onto the blue core below.

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