Top 10 of the best Manga for Teens!

Whether you’re looking for an original gift for a teenager or looking for a new manga to discover, welcome to! On this page, we have made a Top 10 of the best Manga for teens or adults! After all, there is no age to read Japanese comics. Here you will be able to discover the main licenses that have marked the middle of the Manga these last 30 years. And there really will be something for everyone as we have varied Manga subjects and themes in our choices. All this so that everyone can find what they are looking for.

Among them, classics that you have already heard of, whether you are a Manga fan or not. Others more discreet but which nevertheless remain nuggets which deserve their places in our Top 10 of the best Manga! Of course, our classification remains non-exhaustive. So if you think we forgot a work in our Top or just want to share your favorite Manga with our visitors , it’s easy. Leave a little comment at the bottom of this article to let us know what goes through your mind! Ready?… So let’s lift the veil on the work that comes in tenth place in our Top 10 of the best Manga for teens!

Top 10 – Fullmetal Alchemist

We start with the license which occupies the tenth place of our Top 10 of the best Mangas for teenagers! May not only you will have understood it. And it is Fullmetal Alchemist which can literally be translated as “The Steel Alchemist”! The plot takes place in the imaginary country of Amestris where the skill of Alchemist is elevated to the rank of universal science. There are two brothers, Alphonse and Edward Elric. The two teenagers still live with their mother Trisha. But unfortunately, she falls ill and dies some time later.

The two young teenagers therefore decide to use their knowledge of Alchemy to try to bring her back. He therefore defies the law of Amestris concerning human transmutation. During this attempt, Edward the older brother loses his left leg and his younger brother loses his entire body. Edward then sacrifices his right arm and seals the soul of his little brother Alphonse in armor. He then joined the army and obtained his Alchemist exam, the Fullmetal Alchemist.

Using the state advantage of Fullmetal Alchemist graduates, the two brothers go in search, risking their lives, for the Philosopher’s Stone . Only sacred object that will allow them to recover their lost bodies. The story is gripping and should delight all Manga fans! It is for this reason that the license arrives in our Top 10 of the best Manga for teenagers and adults! But let’s see who has taken ninth place now?

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Top 9 – Hajime No Ippo

Ippo Makunouchi, 16, is a shy and lonely young high school student . He doesn’t have many friends, and for good reason… He spends all his free time helping his single mother with her fishing boat rental business. A modest family. The young man is often the victim of humiliation and brutality at the hands of a gang of thugs led by Umezawa, a local small-time hitter. But one day, when he is once again undermined by this band of belligerent young people, a boxer passing through the street saves him from his executioners. He drags him to the Kamogawa boxing club for treatment. Ippo’s benefactor is named Mamoru Takamura.

It is a professional sportsman who will introduce the young man to boxing. Gradually discovering Ippo’s potential, he pushes him to embark on a career as a boxer. And this is how, starting from nothing, the young high school began his training at the club which would take him to the highest levels ! This Manga is really very motivating and it’s not for nothing that it comes in ninth place in our Top 10 of the best Manga for teens! If you have a gift for a young person who loves this kind of reading, don’t hesitate! But if it’s you who wants to embark on a new adventure, we can only recommend that of Hijame No Ippo!

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Top 8 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

But who slips into eighth place in our ranking of the best Manga for teens and adults?! Well it’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure ! Here we follow the adventures of the Joestar family over several generations. Each generation has its own “JoJo”. The series unfolds in eight distinct parts, starting with Phantom Blood and ending with JoJolion.

If you are a Manga lover, you should appreciate this universe which is out of the ordinary, but which will probably not please everyone! To discover the first volume of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, let yourself be tempted by the best price we have found for you on Amazon! It’s just below…

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Top 7 – Nicky Larson

Nicky Larson is also a Manga who had, and continues to have success! As proof, we are still talking about it even though the series ended in 1991. Created in 1987 by Tsukasa Hōjō, this Manga whose original title is Shitī Hantā invites you to follow the adventures of Nicky Larson, private detective. Throughout his adventures, he is tasked with solving the most dangerous and complicated mysteries. Shadowing, protections, impossible investigations… Nicky Larson is more voluntary if the sponsor is a rather sexy woman.

This obsessed but very effective wrongdoer in his actions is supported by Laura who is none other than the little sister of his former partner who is now deceased. The two acolytes form an explosive duo , and it is for this reason that Nicky Larson joins the seventh place of our Top 10 of the best Manga for teenagers and older! And you, do you think it deserves its place in our ranking? Tell us in the comments…

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Top 6 – Naruto Shippuuden

But who climbs to sixth place in our Top 10 best Manga to read?… It’s Naruto, which you probably know at least by name. It’s a shōnen written and drawn by Masashi Kishimoto. The story begins during the adolescence of young Naruto when he was only a dozen years old. Orphan but great prankster, he is the type to do the four hundred blows!

But his biggest dream is to become the best ”  Hokage  ” (Literally meaning “Shadow of Fire”). But why ? Because the nine-tailed fox demon sealed in him attracted contempt but above all fear in Naruto’s village. Over the pages, we learn that Naruto still ended up receiving his headband from Konoha and joining a team of three Ninja apprentices.

But to know the rest of his story, you will have to get the volume 01 of Naruto and read his adventure which is fascinating! You will see that you will not regret having embarked on this new reading. Naturo is also a very good Manga to offer ! And you, who would you put in sixth place in your ranking of the best Manga?

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Top 5 – One Piece

One Piece is a shônen which was born in 1997. But it was not until 2000 that the license broke out in France thanks to the publishing house Glénat. This is the story of Luffy, a colorful character who, after eating a dragon fruit, saw his body acquire the properties of rubber. He and his crew of pirates named the Straw Hat crew survey the Grand Line (the world of One Piece) in search of the greatest pirate treasure named “One Piece”, the name of the Manga. If he finds out, he will become the Pirate King!

The Manga will be quickly adapted into Anime given its success in Japan. The television series now has more than 1000 episodes ! There will of course be many video games and derivative objects taken from this Manga put on the market. One Piece is therefore an excellent Manga to read and discover, and it is not for nothing that it comes in fifth place in our Top 10 of the best Manga for teenagers and adults! If you like the world of pirates, you will be happy to read and find all the adventures of Luffy and his friends on the seas of Grand Line!

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Top 4 – One Punch Man

You don’t know One Punch Man and the story of Saitama yet? So maybe you are missing out on an excellent Manga! But take the time to read this preview to get a little idea. You will then judge if it deserves to be ranked in fourth place in our Top 10 of the best Manga for teens and adults! Saitama is a smooth-headed young man. He is unemployed and has a gloomy life. He is prone to depression because nothing concrete really happens in his daily life.

But one day, he meets a crab man who is looking for a boy with a “chin split like an ass” in his words. One day, Saitama meets this young boy with a split chin and decides to protect him from the crab man. It’s after a perilous fight that he ends up winning that Saitama decides to become a superhero! After a long training, he realizes that he is able to beat all his opponents with a single punch! Hence the title of this Manga: “One punch man”!

His incredible strength, which should be an asset at first glance, ended up causing him problems since he was unable to find an opponent strong enough to challenge him. But quickly he will notice that his friend Genos, a young man who has become a Cyborg , is perhaps the only one who can stand up to him… Want to know more? So get the “One punch man” Manga without further delay to discover the crazy adventures of Saitama!

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Top 3 – Attack on Titan

Do you know Attack on Titan ? If this is not the case, then you should look into this Manga which has known all the successes and which arrives on the third step of our podium of the best Manga for teens! We give you a brief summary… More than a hundred years before the beginning of history, giant humanoid man-eating creatures called “Titans” appeared on earth. They quickly wiped out almost all of humanity.

These gargantuan watches are usually between three and fifteen meters tall, with a few exceptions like the Colossal Titan which is nearly sixty. These famous Titans devour humans by instinct and only to kill them. Titans have skin so tough it could resemble metal and incredible regenerative abilities that make them nearly invincible . The only way to remove them is through a deep incision at the base of the neck.

To protect themselves from the Titans, the men have built the walls and teams are in charge of guarding them and killing the Titans who try to penetrate them… You now know the basics of the Manga “Attack on the Titans” but the story is reassure you much larger than this short chapter. Want to discover this Manga ? You know what you have left to do !

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Top 2 – GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)

The one who ranks second in our Top 10 Best Manga for Teens is none other than GTO (Great Teatcher Onizuka). To give you a brief topo on the history of this Manga: We are in 1997 and Eikichi Onizuka then 22 years old is single and unattached. It is then a young professor with a troubled past who is assigned a position in a class deemed difficult.

He will quickly practice totally offbeat teaching methods and a total break with so-called traditional methods. This rather humorous series should delight Manga fans who are looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Do not hesitate to look into this Manga which really deserves it, and which has the particularity of being relatively short compared to some licenses that we have seen here.

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Top 1 – Dragon Ball

You probably lived in a cave if you haven’t heard of Son Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Satan petit coeur and all their friends for the past 35 years! Because yes, the Dragon Ball license was released in 1986! Then there was Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and today Dragon Ball Super! Something to keep you busy in terms of reading if you want to review the entire work of Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball!

But what is it exactly? Our heroes are responsible throughout their adventures to protect the earth from many enemies who wish to destroy it. Martial arts tournaments and fights all over the galaxy, in the realm of the living as in the realm of the dead will be on the program. At the same time, they go in search of the  seven crystal balls . These objects once gathered will allow them to summon Shenron, a powerful dragon capable of granting a wish of their choice!

You will have understood it, if Dragon Ball arrives at the first place of our Top 10 of the best Manga for teenagers, it is not for nothing. So don’t hesitate if you want to dive into the adventure or if you have a nice gift to make! Dragon Ball will be the ideal manga and it will appeal to all audiences. It is for this reason that the license has managed to travel more than three decades. And our heroes continue to thrill the hearts of Manga fans even today.

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You know everything about the best manga for teens!

And voila, that was our Top 10 Best Teen Manga of All Time! You now have a guideline if you want to embark on a new adventure . But if you came to our site to have a gift idea for a young Manga lover, you will also have some ideas according to his tastes!

Our ranking is of course subjective, do not hesitate to share your favorite Manga with the community if they are not in our Top 10 in the comments! We will be happy to take a look at it and correct our ranking if necessary. In the meantime, stay young and curious. Happy reading to all !

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